Etsy's Mother's Day sale event is already happening and Spring Holiday Season is here. I am sure you already have your plan in place and now it's time to dive deeper into giving your Etsy store a spring refresh

At the start of every strong season, you want to refresh your visual branding to match the overall mood of buyers and Etsy's marketing messages.

Spring is one of these key periods when everyone is experiencing a big change of pace from the gloomy winter days towards sunny spring renewal. This is the time to review everything and replace any remaining traces of winter/holiday season branding with the trending seasonal themes.

How to refresh your Etsy store's branding?

1. Update your Etsy cover banner

Give your Etsy shop a quick and impactful refresh by updating your cover. Spring is a time of renewal, so consider incorporating vibrant colors, floral patterns, and images and messages that evoke a sense of growth and freshness. This visual update can instantly make your shop feel more aligned with the season, improving the engagement and conversion of buyers looking for spring-related items.

Pro tip: Make sure to select Big Banner as your Etsy Banner Style while setting up your cover:

Etsy Cover - Banner Style

At this point, this is the best banner style to show your cover in the Etsy mobile app:

Etsy Cover banner - mobile

2. Update your Featured Area

Utilize the Featured Area to highlight seasonal products, best-sellers, or items on sale. These are the first items from your portfolio that many customers will see, so make sure the Featured Area represents the best of what your store offers for the spring season and relevant occasions. This could include anything from personalized jewelry perfect for Mother's Day to garden decorations that celebrate the outdoors.

Pro tip: You can design your featured section covers to add floral elements for an overall spring aesthetic:

Etsy Featured Area - Spring 2024

3. Rearrange your front page

Make sure to use the rearrange feature to refresh your front page and give the store a new and exciting look. Consider showcasing items that are most relevant for the spring season at the top.

Pro tip: You can create a visual narrative through your product arrangement, guiding the customer’s eye through your offerings in a way that tells a story or highlights a theme:

Etsy front page - rearrange items

4. Create seasonal sections

Creating sections within your Etsy shop for spring holidays and themes can make it easier for customers to navigate your store and find what they're looking for. Consider sections related to "Spring Renewal," "Mother's Day Gifts," or "Outdoor & Garden" and make sure to bring them to the top of your sections to help shoppers find relevant products quickly:

Etsy Seasonal sections - Spring 2024

5. Update your shop announcement

Your shop announcement is a great place to share any special promotions, shipping updates, or personal messages you have for your customers this season. It’s also an opportunity to highlight any changes or additions to your store that align with the spring refresh theme:

Etsy shop announcement

What are the main themes for your Etsy visual marketing?

1. Floral designs: Incorporating floral patterns in your Etsy product photos and marketing graphics resonate with the renewal and growth of spring, making them perfect for this season. They can be applied to anything from thumbnail photos, to Etsy covers and product infographics.

2. Outdoor: With the warmer weather inviting us outside, products and images around the beauty and leisure of outdoor life can be particularly appealing. Put more focus on images, listing sections and marketing messages that play with the outdoors theme.

3. Mother's Day / Father's Day gifting: These holidays are the key shopping periods this season. Highlight gift ideas for both Mother's Day and Father's Day in your store through dedicated sections, include them in your Featured Area and in your Etsy cover. If you are offering personalization, make sure the personalization field in your listings is clear and inviting and explain the personalization process in more detail through product infographics where needed.

4. Wedding celebrations: Spring ushers in the wedding season that will remain a key driver of orders throughout the summer. Showcase your products that could serve as unique wedding gifts, decorations, accessories or wedding party clothing - wedding guests to mother of the bride and flower girl dresses. Think about personalizable items that can be relevant for any part of the wedding cycle or any of the key roles like bridesmaid, groomsmen, wedding guests and so on.

Feel free to customize these suggestions to match the unique style and offerings of your Etsy store. Planning around these themes and showcasing your unique connection with the current seasonal shopping needs can help your shop stand out, engage customers, and boost your conversions in the coming weeks and months.

Aneliya Angelova
Etsy SEO Strategist

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