We do what we love so
you can do what YOU love.

We do what we love so you can do what YOU love.

Our company started from a simple idea: designer-makers can grow amazing creative businesses if they have access to the state-of-the-art marketing that big brands use. That’s how we set out to build a stellar team dedicated to supporting promising Etsy stores.

8 years in we've generated over $25 Million in Etsy revenue through the most comprehensive Etsy Growth Program. Our process delivers exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training your own team.

We believe more creators deserve access to great marketing and we support growing Etsy stores through a rolling discount model to provide that helping hand everyone needs along the way.

What we do

We're a full service firm - how can we help you?

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2,000+ Etsy stores

Since 2015 we’ve supported over 2,000 creative brands through our Etsy Growth Program, coaching sessions and creative business workshops.

around the globe

We are based in Europe and our network of partners includes Etsy stores from 4 continents and over 10 different time zones.

Passionate team
of doers

We've built a dedicated team of world-class marketers proud to deliver outstanding work and grow creative brands we care about.

Our Etsy Growth Program

The success formula that generated over $25 Million in Etsy sales so far

Everything begins with traffic

Real-time Etsy SEO

Dedicated search-driven Etsy traffic is the #1 reason to be on Etsy. People who are already looking for your product are by far your most valuable visitors and seasonal Etsy searches are the holy grail of top 0.1% stores.

Our signature SEO Package is the first step for every store we accept into the Etsy Growth Program.

Stand out from the crowd

Etsy Visual Marketing

Every Etsy store's front page is the perfect visual canvas to express your brand and communicate your product advantages.

We add a visual marketing layer on top of the store's photography - from Etsy covers and featured sections to thumbnail call-outs and custom layouts for top products.

Build a connection

Etsy Email Marketing

Email marketing is more than a tool to boost sales - it's the best way to stay in touch with your happy buyers and to build a long-lasting relationship.

Your audience is a huge asset and it warms up over time as you build trust and become the preferred shopping destination in your niche.

Always keep moving

Product Strategy

Developing your product over time allows you to stay ahead from the competition and attract buyers over and over again.

Product features, photography, materials, pricing, logistics - everything comes together to shape your final offer. Etsy stores with a clear roadmap grow exponentially faster than the competition.

Mindset trumps everything

Creative Business Coaching

Running a creative business is more than strategy and execution and blending in creative expression and managing a business can often be challenging.

You can adapt, pivot and thrive no matter what’s happening on the marketplace. We help you plan and move forward with ease to enjoy your amazing Etsy journey.


We help Etsy creatives build Etsy businesses

Marketing Analytics

From SEO analysis to e-commerce KPIs, successful marketing is data-driven. We make sense of the world of numbers to help you understand the big picture.

Digital Strategy

Focusing on the right marketing activities at the right time is essential for your success. We understand how design and fashion lovers shop online to help you make the most of it.

Easy Collaboration

Marketing is complex. But we make it easy. Our team does their magic in the background to let you focus on doing what you love and keeping your customers happy every time.


What working together feels like?

"I deeply believe that one has to do what they are best at while constantly developing. Artery has a good team and always finds the right solutions for the success of my business. I would not have done this without you! Thank you!"
Violeta Dobreva
"Artery effectively works to accomplish the agreed plans and takes active role in the partnership that creates trust and stability. Your help is highly appreciated!!! And I believe we make a great team!"
Egle Ulozeviciute
Son de Flor
"You help me a lot by doing all the things I am not good at which gives me the piece and time I need to do the things I am good at."
Lubomir Stoev
"The team at Artery has been wonderful to work with. They are value-driven and kind, communicate very clearly and are always available for help. If you have an Etsy shop, you should get this, it's that simple."
Tinne Diels
"It is often difficult to stay focused on your creative work when you are a designer and managing an Etsy shop at the same time. Artery are a huge help!  Working with you lets me have more time to do what I am good at! Your contribution to our development is huge!"
Elena Urumova
"The work you are doing is awesome! Thanks for the help in getting us much more visible and growing our store!"
Jennifer Shum Abelev
A history of Etsy success

There's a reason we've grown amazing brands.

The Etsy Growth Program has a rigorous selection process to handpick the Etsy stores with highest potential. New slots open several times per year and we hold invitational Sharing Sessions to get together with designer-makers in growth phase.

The Artery Team

A collective of awesome people and rock-star marketers who make it all possible.

Iliyan Oprev

Founder & Managing Partner

Spots potential and connects brands, ideas and people. Aspires to create a community for designers that strive and grow together. Oversees the Etsy Growth Program selection and develops new business opportunities.

Petar Bogdanov

Partner & Tech Lead

The brain behind Artery’s Etsy app, responsible for the technical integration with Etsy and other applications. His extensive experience in e-commerce allows us to build sustainable processes.

Georgi Bosilkov

Etsy SEO Team Lead

Master of Etsy’s algorithm, keeps Artery brands always visible on the front pages of the most relevant searches and ahead of the competition.

Aneliya Angelova

Etsy SEO Strategist

A designer-maker herself, Aneliya takes care of the SEO for promising Etsy stars. She’s a loving mom that always carries her smile wherever she goes.

Maria Aleksieva

People & Performance Manager

Coordinates the internal projects between teams for the best results. Takes care of the whole team, the heart of all group activities and processes.

Gabriela Ray

SEO Specialist

Gabriela analyzes and optimize our client’s shops in order to bring more SEO traffic. Always smiling, she supports designer brands in their Etsy path.

Elis Kakit

Customer Success Manager

Eli supports our Etsy designer-makers at every stage of their journey. She creates the bond between the agency and our clients and makes sure we reach our goals together.