Halloween just passed and it's just the beginning. The Holiday Season is upon us and it's time to get festive!

What is the difference between November and December and the rest of the winter months? It’s usually cold and the day is getting shorter and shorter and anxiety can often creep in. But the holidays are fast approaching to push back the gloom and bring that warm festive feeling.

As a result, across the globe we are seeing the biggest surge in SHOPPING in the entire year. If you recall our previous post “the revenue jump in these months can eclipse the entire January-August income for many stores”. The truth is that everything around us says that this is a festive season, people should be happy and magic is possible. To believe it we all need some external stimulus - Christmas decorations on the streets, in shopping centers, and at home. Blinking lights all around us and Andy Williams and Mariah Carey (like it or not) on every radio station.

This is in the physical world…  however there’s no big difference in the online reality. You better buckle up and get your shop ready for the new vibe. Reskin, reskin, reskin!

Halloween is in the past. Forget it and move forward. The next shopping occasions are related to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s eve. Give your shop that festive vibe. Change your banner with a relevant one. Arrange your sections to fit the most trendy searches. Put a small Christmas tree, a hat, or a toy at the edge of the thumbnails of your featured products.

Our magicians from the SEO team here are busy getting our clients' listings to the front of gift search phrases, and here is what you can do on your end.

1. Participate in Black Friday Sales

We discussed sales and promotions in my last post. If your prices are low enough and you cannot decrease them any further, do the opposite. Gradually increase the prices every week and run a sale before Etsy's Cyber Week Sales event. Also, do you remember that old stock that you want to get rid of for months? This is the origin of Black Friday Sales in the first place and you better sell these left-over items with a bigger discount than keep watching them on the shelves.

Just a reminder - Etsy's Cyber Week Sales Event runs November 18 - November 30. You can set up several promotions for every discount level and include the respective items. You can set these up in your Etsy Sales and Promotions dashboard here.

2. "Dress up" your shop for Christmas?

Think about how you can reskin your banner and featured section for the next shopping occasion. Ideally, you'd like to match the magical vibe that most online shops will be moving towards in November and early December.

Christmas shopping picks up in November and enters into frenzy mode by the end of the month. It is now the time to get creative and build your own unique festive experience for shoppers.

Use this opportunity to get into the Holiday Season vibe. Holiday shopping is more than just exchanging money for goods, it's all about sharing light and inspiration and bringing home that special festive feeling. Reskin your shop to turn it into a magical place where your customers will shop with joy.

2023 is an amazing year. The market is changing rapidly and everything is coming together to help top sellers shine brighter than ever before.

Have an amazing November!

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Iliyan Oprev
Founder & Managing Partner

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