Black Friday is (almost) over, we hope you had a great campaign lined up and now you are swamped with orders. If you made the most of it and reaped the rewards of a good plan or even in case you missed it, you already know how important a strong marketing plan is so it's time to plan ahead into the New Year!

The first half of December is usually dedicated to wrapping up festive campaigns and getting all orders on their way. And then it's time to slowly wind down towards a well-deserved holiday rest. As we move into the slower half of the month, this is the best time to take a look back at the year and get ready for a successful 2024!

Having a solid marketing roadmap in place will give you a head start to kick off the first quarter of the year. There are a number of great shopping opportunities coming up in each of the coming months and here is our shortlist:

1. January is for New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Day has come to signify a fresh start for customers around the world. From fitness to self-care, new hobbies and planning, customers set-out on the hunt for active wear, loungewear, bath essentials, candles in soothing shades and scents, planners and so much more.

Start by taking a look at your store - which products will fit into the New Year's Resolutions theme? Organize your visual and email campaigns and messages around 30-day challenges, New Year, New Style, New Me, and bucket lists.

2. February is for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has come a long way since its origin. Beyond romantic love, these days people use the occasion to celebrate self-love, BFF friendship, loving your pet, and more.

Still, in Jan-Feb we see a big spike of interest towards all kinds of lingerie, red-colored gifts, plush toys, items with hearts or cupids, cheap and mid-range jewelry, etc. Visual marketing themes also revolve around red and pink colors, roses and romantic elements and messages span from bringing happiness to the special one in your life to celebrating all kinds of love.

3. March is for celebrating Women

From International Women's Day to Mother's Day UK and Women's History Month, March is themed around feminine occasions. We see strong demand for women-empowerment products - stickers, clothing and more; accessories and jewelry, especially personalized as mom gifts or for that special woman in your life. We usually recommend visual and email campaigns throughout the month putting the spotlight on the many different roles of women and their different needs in every role.

There is a great variety of shopping occasions throughout the first quarter beyond this shortlist - from Chinese New Year and Black History Month, through Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day to First Day of Spring and Spring Refreshment. We've put the focus on the most common ones but picking the best ones for you depends on your product and brand message.

Running visual and email marketing campaigns around the occasions that fit your brand will help you stand out and convert more of your traffic. Designing and creating products around big-ticket occasions is an even better way to attract targeted audience ready to spend at your store. 

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Iliyan Oprev
Founder & Managing Partner

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