With Mother’s Day season almost behind us, it’s time to capitalize on the momentum and turn our attention to Father’s Day (June 16th), another fantastic opportunity on Etsy!

The Marketing for Father’s Day

begins immediately after Mother’s Day (May 13th to June 16th). Etsy will be highlighting Father’s Day themes across all marketing channels during this period starting with the kick-off of the Father's Day Sale Event on May 13.  

Refresh your visuals with Father’s Day themes and highlight dad-centric products to grab the attention of shoppers browsing for the perfect gift. Dad gifting is especially hard and Etsy buyers will be very open to inspiration and considering new options.

1. How to enhance the visual aspects of your shop for Father’s Day?

Swap out the Mother’s Day-themed cover photo to one that focuses on dad gifting and highlights your Father’s Day offerings. This will help you stand out in search results and attract more customers, resonating with shoppers looking for the perfect gift for Dad.

If you have any lifestyle photos with father figures, this can help you connect with potential buyers on an emotional level. Not only will this evoke feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and appreciation, it can make your listings stand out in search results and appeal to shoppers who are in the Father's Day mood.

You’ll also want to update your shop announcement to showcase your current promotion and any important information about processing times or deadlines for guaranteed delivery before Father’s Day.

2. How to update your listings to make them more appealing as Father’s Day gifts?

Group your most dad-friendly products into a section within your shop to make it easier for your shoppers to find the relevant products and communicate that these listings are appropriate for the occasion. The algorithm takes into account curated sections for seasonal events like Father’s Day, so this can give your shop a boost during this key period.

Etsy Father's Day section

Consider adding new trendy products that may cater to Father’s Day interests. Etsy is prioritizing personalized gifts, barware, outdoor games, furniture, hats, grilling accessories, and tools to name a few. You can access the full list on Etsy's Father's Day landing page here. We expect more landing pages to launch next week with the start of the sale event.

Etsy Father's Day Landing page

For listings that can be personalized, you’ll want to make sure the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Make sure to update your personalization field in relevant products to get into the Dad gifting dynamic.

Father's Day personalization field

One way you can increase the average order value is to bundle complementary products to create gift sets and even add them as extra variations in your most visited Father's Day products.

Your lowest cost variation determines the base price that shows up in search and entices buyers to click so it's recommended to have a competitively priced basic option. At the same time pricier options like bundles and gift sets will help to convert customers at a higher order value.

If you wondering how to choose the proper keywords for the upcoming Father's Day, you can check our Father's Day Keywords Dictionary where you will find 200 popular keywords to help you win the Father's Day niche on Etsy, rank higher for those search demand and increase your listings traffic.

3. What kind of marketing and promotions will help you make the most from the Father's Day shopping period?

You can start by scheduling a sale in sync with the Etsy Father's Day Sale event. You can do so here. Discounts of up to 30% will be featured in the search filters that Etsy will promote in the next weeks. This season even products with 10-20% off show up in the featured searches, while products on sale for more than 30% are not included. You can use this to adjust your sales plan accordingly.

If you are already running email marketing, crafting an email campaign specifically targeting Father’s Day is a must. Email campaigns can inspire undecided shoppers and make the case why your products are a great choice for this occasion. You can showcase your gift collections, highlight customer testimonials about dad-approved gifts, and offer an exclusive promo code for your subscribers.

Consider offering free or express shipping promotions during Father’s Day. This will make your shop a more attractive option for last-minute shoppers. Pre-planning for Father's Day is rare and demand will ramp up every week. If you are able to convert some orders in the final week before the occasion, you will be standing out from most of your competitors.  

Father’s Day is the next major gifting opportunity before summer and wedding/anniversary season come into the spotlight. It’s your prime chance to maximize sales before the season shifts. Matching the occasion with thematic customer experience will help you boost conversions and capture a share of the gifting search on top of your seasonal sales.  

Iliyan Oprev
Founder & Managing Partner

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