We are obsessed with the Holiday Season because the revenue jumps Etsy shops experience during Q4 can eclipse the entire January-August income for many niches.

The first big occasion we are working towards is Halloween and while the SEO team here is busy getting your listings to the front of spooky search phrases, here is what you can do to make your store stand out.

Consider the following questions:

1. How can your products relate to Halloween shopping?

Very often seemingly unrelated items make for great Halloween accents. Few examples:

Etsy Halloween costume base
A pointy hoodie from a casual clothing shop can be the perfect base for a mage or wizzard costume.
Etsy Halloween costume accents
Thematic bags and clutches make for amazing costume accents.
Etsy Halloween lingerie
Even exciting red/black lingerie can make up for an unforgettable night with an irresistbsuccubus.

Almost any fashion or decor accessory can be used as either an out-of-home or in-home detail by the imaginative Etsy crowd. Create a special Halloween section with the most relevant items and make sure to place them on your shop's first page.

2. How would your products look in a Halloween setting?

You have 1-2 weeks to revisit your most relevant items and give them the Halloween treatment. Try to make a small thematic photoshoot of 3-5 items with relevant photo props - pumpkins, orange backgrounds, a mask or anything scary will do the trick and give you that holiday spirit. If you are selling digital products, it will be even easier to create thematic thumbnails for your listings.

3. What "costume" would fit your shop for Halloween?

If you are still not using your Creative Package from Artery Team, think about how to revamp your Etsy cover and featured section for the holiday weeks. Ideally, you'd like to match the eerie vibe that most online shops will be moving towards in October and you want to be ready in advance.

Etsy Halloween cover
Your Etsy cover brings together your seasonal items, design and brand message.
Etsy Featured area - seasonal refresh
Create custom covers for your seasonal sections in your Featured area.

Halloween shopping picks up after September 15. and enters into frenzy mode in the first weeks of October.

You have a few weeks for last-minute prep to get creative and build your own unique Halloween experience for shoppers.

Use this opportunity to get into the Holiday Season rhythm. Pull off the seasonal card at the start of the season and it will be so much easier to make it happen again for Thanksgiving / Black Friday and Christmas.

Iliyan Oprev
Founder & Managing Partner

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